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16mm 3.2 L/H Patch Rain Drip Tape

Number of holes: double hole, single hole
Size: diameter 16mm
Thickness: about 8 mil
Length: 2000 meters / roll, accpet custom
Weight: 22 – 23 kg / roll
Hole spacing: can be adjusted according to customer requirements (general: 15cm, 20cm, 30cm)
Flow rate: two holes 3.2 l / h
Burst pressure: 2.0 KPA

25/50/75 cm Silage Film

Raw material: LLDPE polyethylene

Length: 1500/1800m

Width: 25/50/75cm

Thickness: 25mic (micron)

Elongation rate: 400-600%

Color: green, black, white

Transparency: opaque

UV: Anti-UV

Agriculture PO Greenhouse Film

The fogging period of droplets can reach 3-5 years;

The transmittance is above 92%, and the transmittance can still reach 90% in second years;

Reduce the number of drugs over 30%;

MOQ: 3 tons

Animal Husbandry Greenhouse Film

1. Strong reflective light and heat preservation and rain prevention.

2. The use of black greenhouse film in winter can heat up the frost and snow.

Anti-static Printing Flexible Packaging Film

Name: Co-extrusion composite base film
Material: PE
Width: 0.35m – 1.8m
Thickness: 0.02mm – 0.2mm
Usage: washing powder bags, food bags, seasoning bags, etc.

Antidrip Agriculture Films

Antidrip film is to prevent the direct dripping of water droplets in the greenhouse by adding dripping agent, so it is usually called non-drip film.

Bin Bags

Brand: Yinfeng
Product: flat bin bags
Material: PE
Size: 80*100 cm
Application: hotels, restaurants, schools, office buildings, hospitals, bathrooms

Biodegradable Mulch Film

The biodegradable mulch film developed by Henan Yinfeng Plastic can be completely decomposed in 90-180 days under the conditions of composting. In the field environment, the degradation time is longer, and the complete degradation time in the soil is about 1 year.

Biodegradable Plastic Bag

Our BIODEGRADABLE bags are available with a variety of barrier properties to ensure that your products inside stay fresh but has the added benefit of having a low environmental impact – this starts right from the source by using renewable resources to create the materials and ends in your compost pile.

Black / Transparent PE Lay Flat Hose

Name: lay flat hose
Material: Pe new material
Features: High strength, aging resistance, soft all year round, corrosion-resistant, bright color, firm and durable
Application: Agricultural irrigation, garden irrigation, urban mining and construction area drainage, field irrigation, etc

Black Mulch Film

Made from high quality PE, black
Width Range: 0.5m–3m
Thickness Range: 0.006mm–0.15mm
Color: transparent, clear, black, ect or according to your requirements.
MOQ: 3 tons

Black Shrink Film

1. high toughness, piercing resistance. Toughness is strong, elastic tensile force is big, packing should not puncture damage.

2. strong stretching effect. Good tensile properties, piercing resistance, strong penetration resistance, good self adhesion and high expansion ratio.

3. high quality imported raw materials: LLDPE new material, transparent, self adhesive, can be used for containerization, waterproof, dust-proof and so on.

Black/White Silage Film

Black/White Silage Film uses imported MPE metallocene linear low-density polyethylene (M-LLDPE) as raw material, and is made with three-layer co-extrusion process. It has high light cutoff, high oxygen barrier rate, puncture resistance, tear resistance, cold resistance, and can be used in harsh environments.

Blue White Police Barricade Tape

Material: PE
Length: 300m
Width: 75mm
Thickness: 30micron-150micron
Usage: Widely used in traffic sign, construction working site, safety warning, painting areas, crime scenes etc.

Christmas Tree Removal Bag

Color: white,red,blue,clear,green and etc
Pack: one piece in a bag, 40pcs or others in a carton
MOQ: 5000pcs
Popular size:1.83m x 2.29m x 0.02mm

This Poly bags are designed to protect your Christmas tree while it is still standing. All you have to do is take the bag
off next year and decorate your tree.

Clear Plastic Drop Cloth for Painting

Width: 2M – 10M
Thickness: 5micron-200micron

Popular Sizes: 4mx2.5m,4mx5m, 4mx6m, 4mx8m, 4mx10m, 4mx12.5m, 2mx25m, 2mx50m, 6ftx12ft, 8ftx12ft, 9ftx12ft, 10ftx20ft, 9x400ft