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Agriculture PO Greenhouse Film

The fogging period of droplets can reach 3-5 years;

The transmittance is above 92%, and the transmittance can still reach 90% in second years;

Reduce the number of drugs over 30%;

MOQ: 3 tons

Animal Husbandry Greenhouse Film

1. Strong reflective light and heat preservation and rain prevention.

2. The use of black greenhouse film in winter can heat up the frost and snow.

Antidrip Agriculture Films

Antidrip film is to prevent the direct dripping of water droplets in the greenhouse by adding dripping agent, so it is usually called non-drip film.

Grape Greenhouse Film

Specification: width 1m-22m

Thickness: 0.008mm-0.30mm

Super longevity grape special film has good tensile strength, high strength, impact resistance, puncture resistance, aging resistance, long life and high transmittance.

Mini Garden Greenhouse Film With Framework

Colors/finish: transparent
Materials: Polythene
Quantity: One (1)
Setting: Outdoor
Dimensions: Width 1.25m, Length:6m, Thickness:70mic

PE Transparent Greenhouse Film


1. Improve the soil temperature, insulation, moisturize, improve fertilizer efficiency.

2. Control weed, anti pest, anti drought and water logging

3. To protect the root and promote the growth of seedlings

Three-layer Anti-drip Anti-fog EVA Greenhouse Film

Product specification:

width 2 – 12M, thickness 0.06mm – 0.12mm.

MOQ: 3 tons

EVA plastic film is a substitute for PVC film with the same thickness. It is used in high efficiency and energy-saving solar greenhouse. It is suitable for covering vegetables, flowers, fruit trees, melon and fruit crops in winter.

Watermelon Greenhouse Plastic Film

width: 1m-24m
thickness: 0.07mm-0.3mm

Service life > 12 months (thickness > 0.06mm film);

The effect period of dripping drops > 3 months;

Transmittance > 85%;

Tearing resistance;