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Biodegradable Mulch Film

The biodegradable mulch film developed by Henan Yinfeng Plastic can be completely decomposed in 90-180 days under the conditions of composting. In the field environment, the degradation time is longer, and the complete degradation time in the soil is about 1 year.

Black Mulch Film

Made from high quality PE, black
Width Range: 0.5m–3m
Thickness Range: 0.006mm–0.15mm
Color: transparent, clear, black, ect or according to your requirements.
MOQ: 3 tons

Green Mulch Film

Product Prameter:

Raw material: LLDPE

Thickness: 20 micron Width: 2 meter Weight: 10 kg
Thickness: 20 micron Width: 1 meter Weight: 10 kg

Also accept custom.

LDPE Black-White Panda Mulch Film

– Light proof and 90% reflective
– Water tight for vapor barriers
– 6 mil thick assures great durability
– Helps prevent molds and algae growth

Peanut Mulch Film

  1. Improve the soil temperature.Especially in Early Spring, Autumn, and Winter season, it can make the temperature increase 2-3℃ higher than open field. 2. Restrain the soil temperature increasing. Especially in Summer season. The black color or black-grey color mulch film can reach this result, to protect the plants away from too high soil temperature. 3. Decrease water evaporation, keep the humidity of soil.

Perforated Mulch Film

Color: black (can custom any color)
Width: 50cm-400cm
Thickness: 0.01mm – 0.1mm
Plant spacing: adjustable
Row spacing: adjustable
Aperture range: 30mm -80mm
MOQ: 3t

Red Mulch Film for Tomato Strawberry

Thickness:10-100 micron
Width: 400-500 mm
Color: clear / black / red
Weight: 5-20 kg/roll

Silver Black Mulch Film

The Silver Black plastic film is multi-functional plastic film with silver and black sides. It has the characteristics of pest control, grass prevention, daytime cooling, night heat preservation, moisture conservation, maintenance, increase production and increment.

Width Range: 0.5m–3m

Thickness Range: 0.006mm–0.15mm

MOQ: 3 tons

Strawberry Mulch Film

Specification: 80cm-150cm
Thickness: 0.01-0.02mm
Weight: 5-10 kg per roll
Material: 100% new material
Color: can custom

The advantage of strawberry silvery black weeding film:1. the silver on the surface of the plastic film has strong reflecting ultraviolet light, and it can avoid pests such as wings, aphids, thrips, and so on.

White Mulch Film

Model: Transparent or White Mulch Film
Material: Polyethylene, Unti-UV component;
Color: White color or transparent,black,silver & black,red,blue and so on.
Thickness: 0.01-0.1mm
Plastic Modling Type: Blowing film
MOQ: 3 tons