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Polyethylene plastic is a synthetic resin. It is a kind of plastic, heavy duty plastic sheeting b&q,relatively soft, feel good, transparent, and good quality. Due to puncture resistance, freezing resistance, cooking resistance, high transparency, and strong toughness, it can be used in many areas, such as plastic bags and cling film. Polyethylene plastic board is also the application direction of this material. Polyethylene plastic board can bring positive uses and play a wide range of roles.

polythene sheet 1000 gauge specificationPolyethylene sheet 1000 gauge specifications,250 micron polythene sheet weight per sqm。

The advantage of polyethylene PE board is acid, alkali, salt, oil and other organic solvents, and it has excellent corrosion resistance. The structure is simple and the labor intensity is low. The sightseeing outside is clean and pollution-free.

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