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pre taped painter's plastic filmFilm width: 450mm;550mm;600mm;660mm;900mm;1050mm;1100mm;1200mm;1400mm;1500mm;2000mm;2100mm;2700mm; also custom

Pre-taped painter’s plastic film is widely applied to indoor and outdoor decoration, painting and shielding, protecting floor furniture, doors and windows, etc., effective prevention of surface pollution, and also applies to car beauty, exterior wall renovation, protection of uneven wall surface and so on.

Common Specification:

YF-MT550 550mm x 33m 30 Rolls/Ctn
YF-MT1100 1100mm x 33m 30 Rolls/Ctn
YF-MT1400 1400mm x 33m 30 Rolls/Ctn
YF-MT2100 2100mm x 20m 30 Rolls/Ctn
YF-MT2400 2400mm x 20m 30 Rolls/Ctn
YF-MT2700 2700mm x20m 30 Rolls/Ctn

60 roll / CTN; 30 roll / CTN;

More information:
http://www.pe-film-china.com/product/pre-taped-masking-film.htmlpre taped painter's plastic filmpre taped painter's plastic filmpre taped painter's plastic film

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