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anti-aging shed film of polyethylene is made of metallocene resin with high transparency and strength, and is made by advanced technology such as multi-layer coextrusion and inner coating. High light rate, long service life and dripping and fog-eliminating function.

Product specifications: Width: 4000mm-14000mm Thickness: 0.06-0.12mm (can be customized according to demand)

Market application: Suitable for tomato, cucumber, eggplant, pepper, zucchini, watermelon, strawberry, kumquat, melon, peach and other fruit and vegetable industries as well as animal husbandry, fish and other aquaculture

Product advantages:
The ability of dripping and anti-fog is strong: the droplet-eliminating period is as long as 2-5 years, and the anti-aging shed film is coated with the inner layer to form a coating layer, which is more powerful, and the general film elimination time is only 3-6 months.

High transparency: light transmittance ≥93%, anti-static treatment on the surface of anti-aging shed film, difficult to adsorb dust, long-term high light transmission effect, can still achieve more than 90% light transmittance in the second year, high light transmittance It can effectively reduce pests and diseases, reduce pesticide use and expenses.
Strong thermal insulation performance: the nighttime temperature under the same conditions is 1-3 °C higher than that of the EVA film. The anti-aging shed film adopts nano-insulation material to ensure the nighttime growth temperature of the crop, shorten the maturity period, and effectively increase the crop yield by 15%-30%.
Long service life: long service life of 2-5 years, anti-aging shed film uses high strength metallocene resin, high strength and elongation, strong puncture resistance, can effectively reduce membrane damage, extend service life, and average annual cost Lower.

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