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construction plastic rollName: construction film – concrete maintenance film
Color: white / transparent
Thickness: 0.006 mm – 0.008 mm
Width: 0.6 m – 12m

We can custom according to customers’ requirement.

Product introduction:

Concrete water-saving and moisturizing curing film is the preferred product for covering and curing, as the macromolecule material in the film is not easy to volatilize into space after absorbing water, but can continuously transfer water to the surface of the object through capillary phenomenon. All the water content is used by concrete and the water consumption is very small. No need to sprinkle water again during a health period. During the curing period, relatively independent system of temperature and humidity is formed in the whole membrane. On the premise of sufficient water absorption, the polymer material in the membrane acts as large adjusting device to keep the temperature and humidity in the concrete relatively constant. It can effectively improve the early strength of concrete, reduce the generation of micro-cracks, and improve the economic and social benefits.construction plastic roll
construction plastic rollconstruction plastic roll

Where to buy construction plastic rolls?

Henan Yinfeng Plastic is created in 1994, mainly produce plastic films for over 20 years. We can supply greenhouse film, mulch film, plastic cover, industrial films and construction films. We can also custom according to customers’ requirement.

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