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Pipeline warning tapeThe caution tape is made from polyethylene plastic that is heavy duty, reusable and weather resistant. It is totally friendly for the environment and 100% safe and non-toxic for animals and humans alike. The advantages of using caution tape are manifold, by the increased visibility properties, it can be used even in harsh weather conditions such as fog, blizzard or heavy rain.

Caution tape is easily recognized by its vividly colored contrast: black and yellow or red and white, as general rule.

When is caution tape used?

1. crime or accident scenes, when a certain perimeter is isolated by the police for evidence collection.

2. some areas where some kind of risky repair work is in progress, and the hazard of accidents is pretty high.

3. Inoperative machinery as well as appliances are thus signaled by the use of caution tape with special warnings written on it.

4. used in the isolation of a perimeter for concerts or public manifestations.

5. building teams, work in public repair, mining companies and so on.

6. moving vehicles, power tools in use, or other potentially hazardous situations.

Where to buy caution tape?

If you want to buy several rolls of caution tapes, you can directly buy on your local stores, such as walwart and department store.If you cannot find these caution tape stores, you can also order on the caution tape shop online, such as Walwart Supercenter, Home Depot, Office Depot, Amazon, Ebay, Lowes and others.

If you want to wholesale caution tapes as distributor, you can browse our website http://www.pe-film-china.com, and find your needed warning tape specification, then inquiry online, or you can also send E-mail to gaom@infunplastic.com with your needed caution tapes specifications, such as color, width, thickness, length per roll, quantity, logo or words. We can reply you soon, and give you most reasonable price.

Henan Yinfeng Plastic caution tape specification:
Thickness: 0.03-0.18 mm
Width: 40mm-250mm upon request
Length: 100-500m upon request
Printing: black/yellow, red/white, custom colors & logo available upon request
Packing: Polybag or individual color box packing

Henan Yinfeng Plastic caution tape type: http://www.pe-film-china.com/product-category/warning-tape

Henan Yinfeng Plastic caution tape

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