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ldpe film

The LDPE film is low density polyethylene film, which is blown by ethylene polymerization.

Low density polyethylene film is a kind of translucent, glossy and softer plastic film. It has excellent chemical stability, heat sealing, water resistance and moisture resistance, freezing resistance and boiling. Its main disadvantage is that the barrier of oxygen is poor, it is often used in the inner film of composite soft packing material, and it is also the most widely used and most used plastic packaging film, accounting for more than 40% of the consumption of plastic packaging film.

Due to the non polar group, high crystallinity and low surface free energy in polyethylene, the film has poor printing performance and poor adhesion to ink and adhesive, so surface treatment is needed before printing and composite.

LDPE film features:

1. The thickness of LDPE film is generally 0.02-0.15mm. The film is nontoxic and tasteless.

2. Transparency, flexibility and flexibility of the films are better.

3. the temperature range of the film is -30-70℃, and the embrittlement temperature of the film is – 50℃.

4. the electrical insulation, moisture resistance and radiation protection of the film are good, but the barrier property to oxygen is poor. There will be leakage in the long term gasoline liquid.

5. Flammable, away from the fire can continue to burn.

LDPE film application:
– Food packaging (bread bags, baked goods, light duty produce bags, etc.)
– Light to Heavy duty bags
– Textile packaging (shirts, sweaters, etc.)
– Packaging applications requiring excellent clarity.
– Special applications (Tent windows for military use)
– UV greenhouse (For outdoor use)
– Shrinkable Film
– Heat Resistant

LDPE specification: http://www.pe-film-china.com/ldpe-film-specification.html

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