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1. What is EVA agricultural film?
   EVA refers to an ethylene-vinyl acetate copolyester which is a type of resin. The EVA film refers to an agricultural film with a VA content of 4% or more. Please pay special attention not to the content of EVA. Because the EVA film contributes to the improvement of function, only the concentration of VA, the amount of VA is an important indicator of the quality of the film. The content of EVA does not mean that the film quality is high or low, but only a reference value.
EVA film
2. What are the advantages of EVA film over ordinary longevity without drip film?
   The level of VA in the film directly affects the performance of the film, and beware of counterfeit products with low quality and low price. VA has the following contributions to the film:
   Insulation: Blocking 7-13 micron far infrared ray, better heat preservation.
   Flexibility: Improves the feel and toughness of the film, and does not become brittle at low temperatures. Pliability
   Transparency: Reduce film haze, increase light transmission, promote photosynthesis, and make crops mature in advance.
   Dropping: Polar molecules, good compatibility with additives, prolonged drip period, does not damage leaves, and improves light transmission.
3. Precautions for purchasing EVA film
   Ordinary customers may not have the conditions to detect the VA content in the film through the instrument, but the EVA film can also be initially identified by the following simple method:
   1) The flexibility of the film. Generally speaking, if the film is soft to the touch, it means that the VA content in the film is high. If the hand feels brittle, it means that no EVA is added to the film or the VA content is very small, which does not reach the desired content.
   2) Light transmission performance. Pick up a few samples of the film to observe the opposite scene. Generally, the EIA film is high in clarity. Otherwise, the VA content may be low or not.
   3) When purchasing a product, it is necessary to see whether the label of the outer packaging is the content of EVA or the content of VA, so be careful to mislead.

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