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construction filmThe construction film for maintenance has good moisturizing and heat preservation, and saves a lot of artificial watering cost. The concrete covered with PE film is much stronger than the concrete without PE film.

Yinfeng construction engineering maintenance film is made of new LLDPE material, advanced automated production equipment, which makes the product uniform in thickness, with high transparency, good moisture retention, good thermal insulation, strong stretch and so on.construction film

Construction film advantages:

1. Super toughness, to avoid the damage of the film during the construction process, and to ensure the heat preservation and moisturizing effect in the concrete maintenance work.

2. Excellent sealing, no small holes, to ensure the thermal insulation and moisturizing effect of concrete maintenance work;

3. High transparency, uniform thickness and strong stretch;

4. During the curing period, at least 0.8KG of water per square meter can be fixed, and the relative humidity in the film can reach more than 80%;

4. Specification: width 1m, length 80m, thickness 0.006mmconstruction filmconstruction filmconstruction film

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