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In agricultural planting production, the use of mulch film is one of the simplest ways to promote cultivation. It does not require too much investment in facilities, and can be effectively combined with wintering and cold protection of crops to help crops grow better.
White Mulch Film
1. Increase soil temperature.

Since the transparent film is easy to transmit short-wave radiation and is not easy to transmit long-wave radiation, and the film reduces the latent heat release of water evaporation, the daytime sunlight passes through the film but the ground temperature rises and continues to conduct downward. The lower soil heats up. At night, the long-wave radiation of the soil is not easy to penetrate the mulch, but the exposed soil has less heat, so the ground temperature is higher than the open field. The effect of mulching film temperature increase varies with coverage time, coverage, weather conditions, and type of film.

2. Improve soil water retention capacity.

After covering the mulch film, the evaporation of soil moisture is small, so the soil moisture can be kept stable for a long time, and the soil can be prevented from being wet and dry, which affects the normal growth of the crop.

3. Improve soil fertility.

Due to the mulching film, the temperature and humidity in the soil under the membrane are suitable, the microbial activity is strong, and the nutrient decomposition is fast. Therefore, the content of available nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium nutrients is higher than that in the open field.

4. Improve the physical and chemical properties of the soil.

Because the film is covered, it can avoid the impact of wind and rain on the surface of the soil, and reduce the soil compaction caused by the trampling of artificial and mechanical operations such as cultivating, weeding, fertilizing, watering, etc., so that the soil bulk density, porosity, and three phases ( The gaseous, liquid, solid) ratio and aggregate structure are superior to the soil without the mulch film.
mulch film

5. Prevent surface salt enrichment.

The mulching film greatly reduces the evaporation of soil moisture due to the cut-off of water and atmospheric exchange channels, thereby reducing the salt content brought to the soil surface with water and preventing soil salt return.
Strawberry mulch film

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