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The mulch film has good performance in terms of light transmittance, heat preservation, tensile strength and aging, and is of great significance for the growth, yield increase and income increase of greenhouse crops. The mulch increases the temperature, making the crop growing, quality and yield high. Different membranes have different characteristics and have different advantages.
mulch film
white film characteristics: The thermal radiation rate of white plastic film is 80%-90%, close to transparent film, and the light transmittance is only 40%, which has certain inhibition effect on weeds. It is mainly used for tiling coverage, which can better solve the problem of serious mulch film covering grass damage.
White Mulch Film
Black film characteristics: black film transmittance is only 1% to 3%, heat radiation is only 30% to 40%. Since it is almost opaque, weeds cannot germinate and carry out photosynthesis, so the herbicidal effect is remarkable. Under the sunlight, the black mulch film itself has a fast temperature increase and a high humidity, but the heat transferred to the soil is less, so the warming effect is not as good as that of the transparent film, and there is a cooling effect during the summer. When used, spread it on the ground to expose the crop to the outside of the membrane, or spread it across the crop line.silver grey film

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