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The use of Use irrigation tape is mainly done by installing a pipe with small holes above the plant, and water is continuously leaking through the small holes to the root of the plant. This kind of irrigation method is more water-saving and more satisfying the needs of plants, so it is widely used in agricultural planting nowadays. But what should we pay attention to when using irrigation tape?
1, pay attention to the use of fertilizer should be reasonable. When irrigation tape is used, many vegetable farmers choose water-soluble fertilizers, but they are not filtered when used. Over time, the pipe mouth will be blocked.
2, pay attention to cleaning thoroughly. For each period of drip irrigation, the main pipe and the irrigation tape should be flushed at least once. The worse the water quality, the more frequent the flushing.
3. Pay attention to the piping that matches the pump pressure. Drip irrigation requires the pressure of the pump to match the pressure carried by the pipe, otherwise there will be a burst or insufficient pressure.
4, pay attention to the storage environment should be appropriate. When storing, take care to remove the equipment and store it in a cool place, instead of simply hanging it on the wire.
The above is what should be paid attention to when using the irrigation tape. Keeping abreast of the maintenance and maintenance irrigation tape will not only facilitate the use but also prolong its service life.

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