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Square plastic bag used for refractory brickThe PE square plastic bag is made of polyethylene as the main material, and its bottom is square. It is expanded like a carton. The length, width and height can be different. So it can be customized according to product size.

A square plastic bag generally has 5 sides, a front and a back, two sides, and a bottom. The unique structure of the large plastic bag determines that it is more convenient to pack three-dimensional goods or square products.

Square plastic bag used for refractory brick:Square plastic bag used for refractory brick

Plastic packaging of refractory brick pallets:

1. Plastic film should comply with national regulations;

2. Refractory brick products are stacked on the pallet, tied with thin steel plate or cardboard to protect the edges and corners, and then cover the pallet with square plastic bag.

Square plastic bag used for refractory brickNote:

1. Before packaging, design the product stacking diagram according to the brick size and order quantity, and consider the liner and rainproof and moisture-proof materials;

2. Fragile and high-end refractory products, if necessary, package them one by one before external packaging;

3. In order to store the refractory bricks in the open air for a long time, the plastic film formula in the square bottom bag can increase the longevity masterbatch to prevent aging.

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