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Single mattress plastic cover protector bagSingle mattress plastic cover protector bag – twin mattress bag for moving and storage

Thickness: 10 micron – 200 micron
Width: 0.8m – 2.7m
Length: custom
Color: white, clear and other color
Back cover: high temperature heat sealing, no leakage
Print: can print, can custom

Single mattress plastic cover protector bag common specification:
54″ * 10″ * 87″
54″ * 10″ * 91″
54″ * 18″ * 100″Single mattress plastic cover protector bag

You can also custom single mattress bag or full size, king size, queen size plastic mattress bag.

More twin mattress bag information: http://www.pe-film-china.com/product/full-twin-mattress-bag.html

Henan Yinfeng Plastic packaging bags and packaging films are widely used in the internal and external packaging of various furniture, industrial materials, electronic products, machinery and equipment, craft products, jewelry, food, cosmetics, medicines, and clothing. It can be placed in a carton as an inner bag or used outside of the packaging box, all prevent dust and moisture.

The maximum bag width can be 3 meters wide and single film can be 6 meters wide. Henan Yinfeng Plastic Co., Ltd. has rich experience, excellent quality, prompt delivery and good after-sales service, and has established good cooperative relations with customers. The manufacturer focuses on customization, and all products are produced quantitatively according to the various requirements of customers. Customers are welcome to sample processing; OEM processing; processing with drawings; manual processing; OEM processing; ODM processing.

Henan Yinfeng Plastic produces PE packaging bags for many international brand household products companies. It has many years of R&D furniture packaging capabilities, saving packaging costs for customers, fast delivery, good service and good prices.

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