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The silver-gray mulch film is made by adding aluminum-containing silver-gray masterbatch to the polyethylene raw material and extruding it. The thickness is 0.008-0.015 mm and the width is 70-200 cm.
silver grey film
The silver-gray mulch has a light transmittance of about 60%. In addition to the ordinary film tempering, brightness enhancement, moisture retention and pest control, it is characterized by the ability to reflect ultraviolet light, to avoid mites, and to reduce viral diseases caused by mites. The occurrence and spread. It is mainly used for preventing mites, disease prevention and heat resistance during high temperature in summer and autumn. The coverage is generally tiling. Greenhouse vegetables can be smashed with silver-gray mulch at the vents. Practice has proved that the summer and autumn seasons are used to cover crops such as cucumber, watermelon, tomato, spinach, celery, lettuce, cotton, tobacco, etc., not only have good anti-fungal effects, but also improve the quality of these crops.
ordinary plastic mulch

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