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Mini Garden Greenhouse Film With Framework

Colors/finish: transparent
Materials: Polythene
Quantity: One (1)
Setting: Outdoor
Dimensions: Width 1.25m, Length:6m, Thickness:70mic

Non-slip Floor Marking Tape

Color: red-white, white, black, black-yellow, yellow, red
Application: It can be used for marking and warning of various sports venues, stadiums, workshops, stairs and other ground.

Orange Hazard Tape

Our orange hazard tape roll is manufactured from 1.2 mil / 1.5 mil / 2 mil / 4 mil thick polyethylene. It is 165 feet / 300 feet / 650 feet / 1,000 feet long, 2″ / 2.75″ / 3″ width, lightweight, economical, and can be tied, stapled or nailed into place.

Orchard Reflective Film for Fruit

Roll Specifications:
Width: 20″-120″
Length: 4,000’/roll (Custom lengths are available)
Thickness: 0.6mil-2.5mil (15mic-60mic)

PE Black Construction Film

Main application:
– For construction cover and building base film;
– Cover vehicles&furnishings to protect;
– Aquaculture,reservoir,waterproof,mildew-proof;
– No flowing at highest temperature and no crack at low;

PE Carton & Box Liners

Product: PE packaging bags (Low pressure flat carton bag)

Material: New material PE

Application: used to various cartons for internal usage.

Function: dust-proof, moisture-proof, keep things clean and tidy

PE Flat Poly Bags

Name: Pe flat bags
Width: 0.12m – 14 m
Thickness: 0.02mm – 0.25mm
Color: clear
Material: new PE
MOQ: 3000 kg

Non-toxic, tasteless, food-grade packaging bags, not easy to break the bag leak, good anti-fouling, extend the shelf life, preservation and other functions.

PE Square Bottom Plastic Bag

high / low pressure PE raw materials, white, transparent, tough, new materials, tasteless.

It can be customized for any size, high pressure/low pressure stereo bag, flat bag and flanging bag.

PE Transparent Greenhouse Film


1. Improve the soil temperature, insulation, moisturize, improve fertilizer efficiency.

2. Control weed, anti pest, anti drought and water logging

3. To protect the root and promote the growth of seedlings

Peanut Mulch Film

  1. Improve the soil temperature.Especially in Early Spring, Autumn, and Winter season, it can make the temperature increase 2-3℃ higher than open field. 2. Restrain the soil temperature increasing. Especially in Summer season. The black color or black-grey color mulch film can reach this result, to protect the plants away from too high soil temperature. 3. Decrease water evaporation, keep the humidity of soil.

Perforated Mulch Film

Color: black (can custom any color)
Width: 50cm-400cm
Thickness: 0.01mm – 0.1mm
Plant spacing: adjustable
Row spacing: adjustable
Aperture range: 30mm -80mm
MOQ: 3t

Plastic Chair Cover

Common Size: 136″ x 46″, 76″x 46″ Custom Size accepted
Common Thickness: 1mil, 1.5mil, 2mil, 3mil, 4mil

• This plastic chair cover is 100% virgin material
• Ideal use for storage and moving of chair and other furniture
• Water and dust resistant, protects furniture getting dirty and wet

Plastic Liner Bag

Material: LDPE
Specification: 0.5m – 3m
Thickness: 0.02mm – 0.2mm
Packaging: can be tailored according to customer requirements, also without cut out, packaging on roll

Plastic Mattress Bags on Rolls

Material: LDPE, Virgin

Color: Transparent, Blue, Black, White, Yellow, based on customer’s needs

Size: crib, twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, cal king, also custom

Packing: Single pack or perforated on rolls,with or without gusset

Plastic Medical Waste Bag

Plastic bags are often used for lining litter or waste containers or bins. This serves to keep the container sanitary by avoiding container contact with the garbage. After the bag in the container is filled with litter, the bag can be pulled out by its edges, closed, and tied with minimal contact with the waste matter.The material can be recycled material to reduce the cost. Black or other colors’ bag with you custom-made logo.