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As a facility commonly used in agricultural cultivation, greenhouses need to have a variety of functions to meet our environmental requirements, especially in the event of inclement weather. What should you pay attention to when the greenhouse is in bad weather?
Two points of wind protection in greenhouse
1. When constructing a greenhouse, fully consider the windproof problem and purchase the greenhouse equipment produced by professional manufacturers;
2, in the greenhouse shed selection, try to avoid the vents, in the case of ensuring the light, try to build the shed in the vicinity of buildings with wind barriers;
The rain protection work in greenhouses should mainly do the following:
1. Clean up weed garbage, etc., and renovate the drainage ditches to ensure smooth drainage. The drainage ditches should be cleaned in advance, and the weeds and garbage that are easy to block the drainage should be cleaned up and prepared for drainage. When there is more water, it is necessary to pay attention to pumping water and drainage in time to avoid the accumulation of water into the greenhouse.
2. It is to do a good job of vent management and coordinate the coordination of vents and temperature. In the summer, the rainfall is concentrated. First, the vents should be managed to prevent rainwater from entering the shed from the vents.
Two main points of snow protection in greenhouse
1. It is necessary to strengthen and refurbish the old shed in advance to enhance the load-bearing capacity of the greenhouse. In addition, it is necessary to remove the snow in time. In particular, it is necessary to strengthen the night snow removal to avoid excessive snow and thick greenhouse collapse, causing losses. Not only that, but also the following precautions for greenhouses:
2. Prepare for light and heat preservation: Before snowfall, prepare warming items such as grasshoppers and quilts, and temporary auxiliary heating and light-filling items such as stoves and fill lamps, so that the temperature in the greenhouse can be reduced to the production of vegetables. At the lowest temperature and illumination, it is possible to take measures to increase temperature, keep warm and fill light in time.

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