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PE warning tapes are used as usual to prompt people to get out of the injury zone quickly. The printing color is mainly red and white diagonal strips and yellow and black diagonal strips, and the fonts such as “caution” and “warning” are printed on the top.
Underground Pipe Marking Tape
It is mostly used forground warning area marking. Commonly used in construction sites, dangerous locations and traffic accidents, the isolation of emergencies, and the cover of power maintenance, road administration, and environmental protection projects. Can be used to delineate accident scenes or special areas of warning specifications. Loading and unloading of goods, busy areas, temporary separation of venues; isolation of hotels, sports venues, shopping malls and other temporary passages can be used together with road cones and traffic warning columns. The PE warning tape is easy to use and will not pollute the site.

The PE warning tape produced by Henan Yinfeng Plastic Co. Ltd has a large share in the same industry market with superb production technology and excellent quality.Since the PE warning tape went on the market, it has won unanimous praise from domestic and foreign customers.
Blue Police Barricade tape

Non-adhesive warning tape

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