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Polytunnel irrigation systemDrip irrigation system features:

1. water saving: drip irrigation is a controllable partial irrigation. Drip irrigation system uses pipeline to transport water, irrigation uniformity, reduce leakage and evaporation losses, in the crop growth period, less 40-60% than surface irrigation.

Polytunnel irrigation system2. Fertilizer saving: Fertilizer can be timely, appropriate amount of drip irrigation with water to the root of crops, easy to be absorbed by the root of crops, and no volatile fertilizer, no leaching loss, improve fertilizer utilization rate by more than 30%.

3. Pesticide provinces: Water is enclosed in pipes, avoid the spread of water to diseases and pests. There is no water on the surface and little humidity in the field, which is not good for breeding bacteria and pests. Therefore, the dosage of herbicide and insecticide is obviously reduced, and the pesticide can be saved 10%-20%.

4. Provincial land: Because all the fields use piped water, there is no conventional irrigation on the ground when the need for agricultural canals, central canals, gross canals, can save 5-7% of the land.

5. labor saving and energy saving: when surface irrigation, ditch, dig the earth and block the mouth, and labor intensity is great. After drip irrigation, only instruments are observed and valves are operated. The labor intensity is light, and the manual management quota is greatly increased.

6. Local saline-alkali pressure: drip irrigation continuously replenishes the water in the soil, the agricultural film prevents the evaporation of water in the soil, lifts part of the soil moisture to the wet area formed by the surface, and there is a desalination area and a salt-collecting area.

7. Strong disaster resistance: crops from the emergence of seedlings, get the right amount of water and nutrients supply, strong growth, strong resistance, and timely adjustment of the microclimate, with a certain ability to resist drought and dry and hot wind.

8. Increase yield: due to scientific regulation of water and fertilizer, good coupling effect of water and fertilizer, loose soil, good permeability, make full use of water, fertilizer, soil, light, heat, gas resources, so that crop growth conditions are superior, crop yield generally increased by 15-50%. All kinds of crops should be contracted to increase their planting density and increase their planting density.

9. quality and quality improvement: drip irrigation creates good growth environment, high yield and good quality.

Component of drip irrigation system:

Water source project, head of pivot, pipe networks for water transportation, emitters, pressure regulator, measuring mater and protection devicePolytunnel irrigation system

Polytunnel irrigation system design:

1. basic principle of planning

Drip irrigation system should consider the basic construction of farmland.

Drip irrigation system should take into account benefits of economic, social and ecology.

2. data collection

(1) geographical location and topography data
(2) soil and project geology data
(3) hydrology and weather data
(4) crop data
(5) water source and driver condition

3. Common pipe networks layout

Polytunnel irrigation systemPolytunnel irrigation systemPolytunnel irrigation system

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