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mulch-film-cabbageSpring Cabbage Cultivation with plastic film mulch can generally be compared with open field market for 5-20 days in the market early, increase 30-50 tons.

There are three types of mulching film for cabbage: single-line mulching, double-line mulching and multi-line mulching. As far as coverage is concerned, it can be divided into ordinary mulching, improved mulching and multiple mulching. Among them, common plastic film mulching can be divided into four forms: flat border, low border, high border and high ridge. Modified plastic film mulching can be divided into five forms: sunny slope high ridge mulching, high border furrow mulching, high border surface horizontal mulching, low border flat mulching and ridge furrow mulching. Multiple film mulching can be devided into winter and spring two stubble mulching and covered the sky and the ground in spring.

Polythene film mulch cabbage:

1. varieties; 2. seedling raising; 3. colonization; 4. Seedling management; 5. medium-term management; 6. prevention and control of diseases and pests; 7. harvest;

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