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Polythene film for greenhouse

Greenhouse film: special plastic film used for agricultural production and construction

Function: promote the growth of greenhouse crops, increase production and increase income.

According to functional classification, they can be divided into strawberry special film, watermelon special film, grape special film, anti drip film, special rice film, flower special film, etc.
According to different materials, it can be divided into polyethylene (PE) agricultural film, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) agricultural film and PO agricultural film.

Polyethylene (PE) film is light (about 0.96 g/cm3), soft, easy to form, good in light transmittance and nontoxic. It is suitable for all kinds of greenhouse film and mulching film. It is the main agricultural film.

The film can be produced in response to the growth cycle of the fruits and vegetables according to the customer’s needs. It has the function of weeding and heat preservation.

width: 1-20 meters
thickness: 0.012-0.75 mm (75 mil)

Uses: arch shed construction, special water conservancy construction, salt farm, aquaculture, anti-seepage, leakproof and middle packaging bags. PE plastic films are used as greenhouse agricultural plastic film, its transmittance, heat preservation, tensile and anti-aging properties are better than ordinary agricultural film.

The main products are:

(1) the ordinary PE film (also known as PE blowing plastic film): does not add the aging and other additives to blow into the white film directly from raw materials, the large greenhouse and the small greenhouse application amount is very large, generally in spring and autumn shed, the use period is only 4-6 months, only one crop, waste energy, increase employment, production gradually eliminated.

(2) PE anti-aging film (also known as longevity film, anti-aging film): added aging resistant additives to PE resin, and blown to form film. This kind of film thickness is 0.08-0.12 mm. It can be used for 12-18 months. It can be cultivated in 2-3 seasons. It not only prolong the use period, reduce the cost and save energy, but also increase the output and output value greatly. It is the agricultural film which is the key promotion in the cultivation of facilities.

(3) PE non-dropping anti-aging film (also known as double anti film, long life dripping film) has dripping, weatherability, light transmittance and good heat preservation. The anti fog effect can be maintained for 2-4 months and the aging endurance can reach 12-18 months. It is a full performance and widely used agricultural film, which not only can be used in greenhouse and large, medium and small greenhouses, but also to early spring crop cultivation in energy saving solar greenhouse is also more suitable.

(4) PE thermal insulation film: can prevent infrared radiation to the atmosphere, and can raise the temperature of the greenhouse 1-2℃, good application effect in cold area.

(5) PE multifunctional composite films: has many functions, such as no drop, heat preservation, weather resistance, longevity and so on. Some of them have the function of blocking ultraviolet radiation and reduce ultraviolet radiation in the shed. Some can inhibit the formation of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum and spores of Botrytis cinerea. It can be used for 12-18 months.

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