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In our daily life, many people worry about the paint sticking to the floor and furniture during the decoration process. So many people consider some ground protection measures when painting.

Paint drop cloth for furniture floor covering
When painting, spread the paint drop cloth on the furniture and the floor to resist friction and prevent sliding, and more importantly, prevent the paint from falling on the floor or furniture. So Please use one of our drop cloths to protect your floors while you paint. Our lightweight plastic drop cloths are excellent for covering furniture. Poly film is an excellent spray over shield and multipurpose cover.

Plastic drop sheet usage:

1. When you brush the wall, spread it on the furniture or the ground to avoid paint pollution.

2. When you are out of room for a long time. Put it on the furniture to be dustproof.

3. When you go to picnic, bring it to be damp proof temporarily, rest and have dinner on it.

4. When you repair the car, put it on the ground to be damp proof and it can be overspread on the car or motorcycle from the rain.

The most important thing is that the paint plastic drop sheet can not only protect the furniture and floors very well, but the biggest advantage is the low price, compared with blankets, non-woven fabrics, cartons, pearl cotton, etc. Throw it away when you use it up, no waste.plastic drop sheet roll

Henan Yinfeng Plastic Co.,Ltd is plastic film manufacturer in China, we can produce various of plastic film with various of specification. For plastic dust sheet, we supply plastic drop cloth by piece and plastic dust sheet by roll.

Plastic drop sheet roll specification: http://www.pe-film-china.com/product/plastic-drop-sheet-roll.html

Plastic drop cloth by piece specification: http://www.pe-film-china.com/product/clear-plastic-drop-cloth-for-painting.html

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