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plastic masking film for paintingName: plastic drop cloth with tape – pre-taped masking film

Specification: 110CM*250CM, 55CM*250CM

Material: PE

[Scope of Application]:
Protection of automobile spray paint repair, use of indoor paint, protective spray screen film for large machinery, ships, car carriages, containers, spray paint, spray trademarks and signs.

1. Spray paint protectionPlastic drop cloth with tape for painting

Mainly to prevent cars, buses, engineering vehicles, ships, trains, containers, aircraft, machinery and furniture from leaking paint when spraying paint, and thoroughly improve the traditional newspaper plus paper covering method. Newspapers, old and new, will have scraps of paper, dusty, paint-covered areas left with sticky paint, and have to be reworked. And paper tape sticking in newspapers also needs to waste a lot of time, coupled with newspaper width and length of limited interface still need to add adhesive tape, so the cost of labor plus adhesive tape is not lower than the cost of the new type of shielding film. On the contrary, the shielding film is clean, anti-seepage paint, waterproof, small in size and very convenient to use. Often, newspaper sticking requires 2-3 people to complete the workload. Now only one person can finish the work in a short time with high quality, which greatly improves the efficiency of work, saves time and labor, and saves costs for enterprises. It is the preferred masking material for large-scale spraying in various industries.

2. Automobile DecorationPlastic drop cloth with tape for Automobile Decoration

Mucosa construction in automobiles often has a large amount of water flowing to the instrument, door and carriage inside the car, which causes a lot of manual work and time to clean up after the mucous film is finished. However, the use of pre-taped masking film sticking to the parts below the glass has a waterproof effect, so that the car is kept clean, and no more manual work is needed to clean and hygiene.

3. Architectural Decoration
When new houses are renovated and old houses are renovated, pre-taped masking film and paper are glued to protect doors and windows, floors, furniture and lamps, etc. To prevent paint and paint brushing on the above objects during construction, also allows the builder to brush the wall boldly and quickly, without worrying that the paint will flow to the floor, resulting in a large amount of manual cleaning phenomenon. Therefore, it directly improves the construction efficiency, saves the oil cleaning work after construction, saves labor, and improves the decoration quality. Therefore, this product is also the best choice of shelter materials for architectural decoration.

4. Dust-proof Function of FurniturePlastic drop cloth with tape for furniture

With the progress of the times and the improvement of living standards, people nowadays tend to leave home for a long time because of work or travel. But after a long journey, the furniture and some furnishings in the house are already covered with dust, so they have to have a big cleaning, tired and sore, which is annoying. However, when you cover everything in your home before you go out, you can effectively prevent dirty furniture from dust. When you come back from your trip, you just need to remove the masking film on the furniture, so that you can have a good rest after long-distance fatigue, so plastic cover with drip arigation (pre-taped masking film) is also a very useful product in family life.

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