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Among the various plastic film types, polyethylene film is one of the most widely used film types. PE resin, also
known as polyethylene (PE), is one of the most commonly used polymer materials in daily life. It is widely used in the manufacture of plastic bags, plastic films and milk barrels.
polyethylene plastic

PE resin common classification
High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is also known as low pressure polyethylene. Mainly used in the manufacture of various injection molding, blow molding and extrusion molding products.
Low density polyethylene (LDPE, Low Density Polyethylene), used to produce film products.
Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE)Commonly used in greenhouse film, composite film, heavy bag.

The low-density polyethylene agricultural greenhouse film, the width of the width of the film is generally more than 2m, the thickness of the film is usually in the range of 0.08 ~ 0.14mm. The main purpose is to use as a vegetable greenhouse to keep warm and moisturize when growing vegetables. According to the needs of greenhouse film use, different raw material composition formulas can be used to extrude blow molding ordinary greenhouse film, enhance greenhouse film, non-drip greenhouse film and longevity greenhouse film and other different products.
Strawberry Greenhouse Film

The performance of ordinary greenhouse film is the same as that of polyethylene film; the strength of greenhouse film is higher than that of ordinary greenhouse film, and the toughness is good; the long-life greenhouse film has good aging resistance, and the use time is longer than that of ordinary greenhouse film; The use of greenhouse film is characterized by less water mist and good light transmission on the membrane surface, and water droplets can flow into the ground along the membrane surface.
Strawberry Greenhouse Film

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