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At present, there are many kinds of mulch films on the market, and the quality is also uneven. The farmers should pay attention to the following points when choosing the mulch film in the cultivation and cultivation of protected areas:

First, the mulch film can be divided into three types: ordinary mulch film, micro film, and ultra-micro film. According to regulations, the thickness of the mulch film is 0.014 mm, the micro film is 0.008 mm, and the ultra-thin film is 0.005 mm. It is strictly forbidden to use the mulch film below 0.008 mm. Although the price of the film is too thin, it will cause serious white pollution. Micro-film is generally used to reduce costs and save energy.

Secondly, the film is repeatedly tested. Good mulch film, horizontal and vertical tensile strength is good, cut a small strip of mulch film, can stretch 2-3 times when stretched, still will not break. Good quality film resistance, good softness in the cold winter. When the film with good heat preservation is stretched, the place where it is opened will turn white, and if it is repeatedly pulled in the whitened place, it will be transparent, indicating high heat preservation.
plastic mulch for weed control
Third, use your hand to smash a hole. If the hole is round and has a burr, the longitudinal and lateral tension of the film is the same. Then roll up the mulch and then squeeze it from start to finish to see the tightness of the whole roll. If the whole film is tight, the film is relatively thin and uniform, and the tension is relatively uniform when covered.
clear plastic sheeting for greenhouse
Fourth, calculate the amount. According to the way of planting, the length of the ridge is calculated and the amount of mulch is calculated to avoid waste. Moreover, different crops, different coverage methods require different widths of the mulch, too wide and too narrow. Therefore, it is also necessary to measure the width of the film.

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