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Multilayer co extruded filmsMaterial: LDPE film

Thickness; 0.02 mm – 0.2 mm

Application: industrial

Production process: extrusion blow molding

Color: clear

Width: 10 cm – 600 cm

Henan Yinfeng Plastic is professional co-extruded film manufacturer in China, our plastic films mainly use extrusion blow molding process.

1. Three Layer Co-extruded Packaging Film

Common specifications:
width: ≤ 3 meters, thickness: 0.02 mm – 0.42 mm

Main application:
– outer packing for food, milk, articles for daily use;
– for winding pallets, the cartons;
– for packing furniture easy and safe when transport.

More info: http://www.pe-film-china.com/product/three-layer-co-extruded-packaging-film.html

2. PE Black and White Tube Film

Name: Food packaging film

Thickness: 0.02 mm – 0.2 mm

Application: food packaging

Production process: extrusion blow molding

Color: black and white

Width: 50 mm – 500 mm

3. Co-extruded Film For Color Printing

The main purpose:

As a base film, compound with PP, PA, PET, etc.

Used to produce washing powder bag (dry powder), seed bag, food bag, etc.

Common specifications: width: ≤3 meters, thickness: 0.02 mm-0.30 mmMultilayer co extruded films

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