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 The micro-spray irrigation tape is a micro-sprinkler product that is directly punctured by a mechanical or laser on a strip-shaped plastic hose for irrigation. The micro spray irrigation tape is also called a porous tube, a water spray belt, a sprinkler belt, and a micro-sprinkler irrigation tube. The micro spray irrigation tape adopts a porous grouping method, and is directly laid on the ground according to a certain distance and law, and the water flow directly in the air can form a micro-sprinkling effect similar to drizzle. The micro-spray strips of each group of single outlet holes or double outlet holes are laid under the mulch, and the water flow can form a drip irrigation effect under the occlusion of the mulch film. micro spray irrigation tape are widely used in field crops, greenhouse vegetables, flower nurseries, etc.
drip irrigation in greenhouse
1.strong anti-blocking ability, low water source filtration requirements;
2.the work pressure is low, and the water source and the water mains have low investment;
3.the water saving effect is remarkable, and the water utilization rate reaches about 85%;
4.it can be used to fertilize and spray pesticides, the water volume is uniform, the soil is not consolidated, and the fertilizer is not lost.

How to lay a micro spray irrigation tape
1.Cut the micro spray irrigation tape and the main pipe, and arrange the pipes and fittings according to the line spacing.
2.One end of the main pipe is connected to the leather tube (the leather tube is connected to the pressure water source, such as a water pump, etc.), and the other end is connected to the accessory. The accessory is followed by a micro spray irrigation tape, and then the micro spray irrigation tape is laid and the tail is sealed.
3.the closure of the tail: cut 3-5 cm from the tail of the laid tape, and then fold the tail 3 times, about 3-5 cm, and then put the cut belt on, you can play the blocking effect.

Use precautions
1.the micro spray irrigation tape is placed on the ground, the water outlet is downward, and the ground is kept as flat as possible to avoid excessive height difference.
2.when the water quality is poor, it is advisable to use a sand mesh or filter of about 50 mesh at the suction port to prevent the micro-spray from being blocked.
3.the fertilizer melts in advance to ensure no particulate matter.
4. Mechanical or man-made damage is strictly forbidden during transportation and laying. When the squirting tape is removed, the micro spray irrigation tape and the main pipe are removed, and then rinsed and stored in a cool place to prolong the service life.
5. The use pressure shall not exceed the performance requirements.

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