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Metallocene polyethylene is a kind of polyethylene material prepared by reaction of metallocene catalyst, referred to as metallocene (mPE). Compared with LLDPE prepared by ordinary Ziegler-Natta catalyst, mPE has relatively narrow molecular weight distribution and more uniform composition distribution, so the prepared plastic film has high strength and good uniformity of longitudinal and transverse strength.

Because the molecular weight distribution is narrow and the content of low molecular weight is very small, the film has good chemical extraction resistance and anti-pollution performance, and low viscidity. At the same time, it does not contain ultra-high molecular weight, so the crystal point is less.

The mPE film has excellent physical and mechanical properties, such as puncture resistance, impact resistance, high tensile force and good tearing. The mPE film has good heat sealing performance, low starting temperature, wide heat sealing temperature range, low melting point peak value, shortened heat sealing time, good sealing performance and reduced leakage and fracture phenomena.

In addition, mPE film has the characteristics of moisture-proof, air-proof, antioxidant, oil-resistant, freeze-resistant, cooking-resistant, chemical corrosion-resistant, non-toxic, tasteless, non-affecting the nutritional components of food, maintaining the flavor of food, good printing performance, easy opening and so on. Therefore, it has become commonly used resin material for high-performance packaging film.Metallocene film

The general LLDPE film is easy to migrate and oxidize in the presence of oil. Under the action of alkali, acid or strong surfactant, the heat-sealing weld often breaks and pollutes. However, mPE film has many advantages over traditional LDPE, LLDPE, PP, EVA and other materials. It is gradually replacing some traditional packaging materials. It will occupy a very important position in the packaging industry with excellent performance.

Metallocene film mPE features:
-Excellent permeability to Oxygen (used in packaging produce);
-Superior optics;
-Excellent puncture resistance;
-Good tensile strength (at break);
-Good sealability;

Metallocene film application:
Shrinkage packaging film, pallet shrinkage packaging film, manual salivation wrapping packaging film, agricultural greenhouse film, medium and heavy packaging bags and composite packaging film, etc.

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