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LDPE plastic drop sheet is made by LDPE/HDPE for dustproof, dampproof, waterproof and avoiding paint pollution, has dust-proof, dampproof, waterproof and other features. So it is popular used in indoors and outdoors and has very good sale in Europe and USA.

Material: LDPE / HDPE

Size: width: 0.5 m – 9 m;

Main thickness: 0.012mm – 0.14mm

Color: Tansparent, blue, orange, green and so on

Production process: blowing, folding, packing, shipping

MOQ: 3 tonsLDPE plastic drop sheet


  1. When you brush the wall, spread it on the furniture or the ground to avoid paint pollution.

2. When you are out of room for a long time. Put it on the furniture to be dust-proof.

3. When you go to picnic, bring it to be damp proof temporarily, rest and have dinner on it.

4. When you repair the car, put it on the ground to be damp proof and it can be overspread on the car or motorcycle from the rain.

All in all, our products can help you protect things from dust, damp, rain or water, paint pollution, etc.

We can also manufacture plastic drop cloth for painting, car cover, pallet cover, sofa cover, polythene dust sheet, pre-taped masking film,  mattress bag, we can also accept OEM & ODM. If you have any need about plastic products, please contact us by E-mail gaom@infunplastic.com.
LDPE plastic drop sheet roll

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