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po greenhouse film

Film mulching is a vital agronomic measure in agricultural production. It has played a prominent role in regulating ground temperature, water conservation and fertilizer conservation, greatly extending the crop cultivation period, saving agricultural water use, and improving the ability to resist agricultural disasters. Crop production increased production. In addition, the mulch film also has the effects of improving soil physical and chemical properties, inhibiting weed growth, and reducing diseases. However, not all farmers have used the mulch film correctly, especially in the greenhouse vegetable production, the method of covering the mulch is unreasonable, which is an important reason that affects the growth of vegetables.

Common misunderstanding

1. The mulch is close to the base of the stem, and the dead strain is serious.

Improper cover of the plastic film is an important reason for the occurrence of the disease. The vegetable farmers are reminded to pay attention to the fact that the mulch film should not be placed close to the vegetable stalk. It is recommended that you do not use a blade to cut the mulch film, but use your fingers to tear the mulch film to ensure that the opening is large and will not be closed. Generally, it is suitable for a diameter of 5-8 cm. In the high temperature stage, the two sides of the mulch film are rolled up to prevent the ground temperature from being high. When the temperature drops, the mulch film is opened again, and the adjacent two mulch films are sandwiched by the grafting clip so that the mulch does not contact the stalk.

2. the whole shed covered with mulch, affecting root growth

When many vegetable farmers cover the mulch film, they cover the mulch directly. The mulch film is pressed close to the ground after numerous steps, and the mulch film is also pressed when planting water, which seriously affects the soil. Breathability, the root respiration of vegetables is blocked, resulting in root dysplasia. In fact, it is best to use the steel wire or bamboo  to support the mulch. Every 50 cm, cover the mulch from the south to the north. This can achieve watering under the membrane, which improves the permeability of the soil and makes it wet. Gas is difficult to volatilize outside, reducing the humidity inside the shed;

3. the mulch film cover is too early, not conducive to deep roots

In greenhouse vegetable cultivation, the time to cover the mulch film should be determined according to the specific climatic conditions. For example, after the planting of autumn cucumber, the external temperature is high. If the film is covered immediately, on the one hand, because the film is too warm, it is easy to appear boring; on the other hand, after the film is covered, a moist environment is formed in the surface layer, which is not conducive to the root system. Growing up may lead to failure of seedlings, and it is difficult to cultivate strong seedlings and strong trees. Therefore, it is recommended to cover the mulch film according to the specific weather conditions, generally covering the mulch after 15 days of planting, which is conducive to the rooting of the seedlings and the cultivation of strong trees.

4. only cover the film in the operation line, completely wrong

For example, some of the vegetable growers only cover the operation of the greenhouse, while the planting line does not cover the mulch. However, such an approach not only does not take advantage of the film cover, but highlights the disadvantages and the effect is very poor. In greenhouse vegetable production, the most important role of plastic film mulching is to reduce the humidity in the shed and reduce the occurrence of diseases. The practice of covering the mulch and not covering the planting line is not good for reducing the humidity in the shed, because when the vegetables are watered, most of the time it is planted, and the planting line does not cover the mulch to reduce the humidity of the air. To what effect, it can not play the role of insulation. In the operation line covering the mulch film, the drawbacks are also obvious, so that the soil permeability in the operation line is greatly reduced, which affects the growth and development of the root system.

Tip: When laying the mulch, one person puts it on the ground with one hand and another, puts the soil on the ground, compacts it, then stretches the mulch and continues to the ground, continues to compact with the soil, and then put the side Cover it with soil. It is necessary to cover the seedling tray with a plastic sheet. After the seed is emerged, the plastic sheet is broken and the seedlings are exposed.

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