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How to use silage grass film correctly

Silage grass film is a simple, economical and effective method to store animal and livestock feed and pasture. It is generally used for good silage in animal husbandry to form a very light product for protecting pasture. Pasture film cannot be used casually to play a role in silage preservation and fermentation. The use of silage grass film is the same as other material films. The correct method of using silage grass film is shared below.

How to use silage grass film correctly

Correct use method of silage grass film:

1. During the operation of the straw baling film machine, the silage grass film should not be overstretched, and the recommended stretching ratio: 50-70%.

2. When wrapping the silage grass film, the latter film should cover 50% of the first film and wrap tightly. After wrapping, the tail end should be inserted in the film layer of the straw bale. It is recommended to wrap 3-4 layers in a comprehensive manner.

3. After wrapping with silage grass film, if the surface is obviously damaged, it is recommended to use suitable tape to seal it immediately.

4. Items packaged in silage grass film cannot be transported on the ground and kept away from toxic chemical dangerous goods.

5. The storage of silage grass film should be far away from plants and livestock, and always check whether it is bitten by rodents such as mice. If it is damaged, it should be sealed with suitable tape immediately.

6. When the straw baler is applied to the silage grass film, check whether the upper and lower end surfaces are damaged. Small damage to the end surface can cause the film to be interrupted during use.

7. The unused silage grass film should be stored in a cool, dark environment, and prevent moisture and surface mechanical damage.

How to use silage grass film correctly

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