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plastic mulch for weed controlLaying plastic mulch has high temperature, humidity and good moisture retention, beneficial to crop growth, but there are also some unfavorable places. Because the temperature changes, also suitable for weed growth, weed damage is more serious.

Solve the problem:
1. After spraying, cover the plastic film;
2. Direct cover herbicide mulch film;

What should I pay attention to when using plastic film to cover chemical weeding?

plastic mulch for weed control(1) Chemical weeding with plastic film is generally to select the soil treatment agent with strong selectivity before seedling sowing, and select the herbicide varieties according to the main weed species.

(2) In order to reduce the weed gene and improve the weed control effect, the plot with fewer weeds in the previous crop should be selected, and the weed seeds should be pressed into the deep soil by deep plowing.

(3) fine soil preparation. The soil should be fine and loose, and there should be no big crop or crop stubble. Otherwise, the spray is not uniform, and the soil layer of the medicine can not be formed, and the herbicidal effect is poor.

plastic mulch for weed control(4) After spraying and covering the film, the effect is faster and stronger than that in the open field. In order to ensure that the seedlings of crops are not harmed by pesticides, the dosage of pesticides should be reduced appropriately, generally 20%-30% less than that in the open field.

(5) Herbicide mulching is to press the herbicide on one side of the film, pay attention to the positive and negative side when covering, cover the side with medicine on the ground, and join with the ground.

(6) Film mulching requires “tight, strict, solid”, so that the surface of the film and soil surface close to each other, leaving no gaps, will be conducive to the effectiveness of the play, even if there are leaky grass, will be roasted to death.

(7) When a small amount of weeds appear in some parts of the film after mulching, the soil can be pressed on the film of the corresponding weeds to inhibit the growth of weeds. The soil can only be carried out at the time of weeds. When the “big straw bag” is formed in the membrane, the land will be invalid.

(8) in order to reduce color pollution, photolysis of plastic film should be used as far as possible.

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