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Agricultural mulch film covering technology is widely used in agricultural production. Now we introduce the storage method of agricultural mulch film.

1.dry bag storage method
Cover the mulch of the crop, wash it, put it into a plastic bag, tie it tightly, place it in a humid, cool place, do not approach the heat source, prevent sun exposure, this method can generally be stored for 2 years.
2.water storage method
The covered mulch is washed and soiled, and then rolled into bundles or stacked, placed in a tank and a pool, and a heavy object is pressed on the mulch film, poured into clear water to flood the mulch film, and then covered with a sunshade. During storage, the tank and cylinder cannot be dehydrated. This method is preserved and has a service life of 5-6 years.
ordinary plastic mulch
3.grass core volume method
The washed and dried film is rolled into a tube shape with straw in the middle for ventilation and ventilation. When rolling the film, it is best to add some talcum powder to avoid sticking, and then put the rolled film in the cabinet, etc., usually move less, and pay attention to high temperature, high humidity and rat damage.
4.the preservation method
The washed mulch will be folded with water droplets and placed in a plastic bag. The string is tightly tied with a string and placed in the cellar. This method is better than the dry bag method.
5.soil storage method
Cover the mulch, wash the soil, fold it or roll it into a bundle, pack it in a plastic bag, dig a 80 cm deep pit, and put the mulch inside, covering 30 cm of soil. The preservation effect is the same as the water storage method.
Peanut mulch film

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