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How thick is greenhouse plasticThe thickness of greenhouse film is not that: the thicker, the better, too thick will affect the light intake, not conducive to plant photosynthesis, and increase the quality of the film, high requirements for supporting materials.

Greenhouse film is special plastic film used in facility agricultural production and construction. Its transmittance, heat preservation, tensile and aging resistance are better than ordinary agricultural film. It is great significance to the growth, yield and income of greenhouse crops.

The thickness of greenhouse film is closely related to the transmittance and the effective service life:

Effective use period: 16-18 months, the thickness of the film is 0.08-0.10 mm;

Effective use period: 24-36 months, the thickness of the film is 0.12-0.15 mm;

The thickness of the greenhouse film used in multi-span greenhouse is more than 0.15mm.

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