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Micro-spraying beltMicro-spraying belt is a new type of micro-spraying equipment. It is a porous water-spraying belt produced by laser or mechanical drilling. It is also called sprinkler irrigation belt, micro-spray belt, water spray belt, spray pipe, multi-vacant hose, etc.

The working principle is to bring the water to the field through the water delivery pipe and the micro-spray pipe, and through the water outlet on the micro-spray belt, under the action of gravity and air resistance, a drizzle-like spraying effect is formed.

The micro-spraying belt has the advantages of soft, moderate and uniform water spraying, low water pressure, low cost, simple and convenient laying, moving, winding, and storage. It is mainly suitable for farmland, orchard, vegetable field, forest, grass, flower and facility cultivation and agricultural irrigation.Micro-spraying belt

Our company’s newly introduced computer laser perforation, compared with traditional mechanical perforation, the spray hole is smooth, there are no burrs around and the water is evenly discharged-effectively improve the pressure resistance of the pipe belt, improve the irrigation efficiency of the customer, save every drop of water, and have reliable quality.Micro-spraying belt

Scope of application

* Shallow root row crops (strawberries, tomatoes, broccoli, celery, tomatoes, vegetables, etc.)

* Deep root row crops (watermelon, grapes, cantaloupe, zucchini, peppers, etc.)

* Perennial row crops (tobacco, asparagus, golden lily, papaya, banana, etc.)

* Edible fungus, cotton, nursery, flowers, field crops, desert afforestation

* Suitable for growing crops in greenhousesMicro-spraying belt

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