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HDPE LDPE LLDPE structure and physical parameter1. Three types of polyethylene branch chains

HDPE: Only a small amount of short branches

LDPE: There are a large number of short-chain branches and long-chain branches,

LLDPE: The number of short-chain branches is equivalent to that of LDPE short-chain branches, but there are no long-chain branches

2. The special molecular structure of low-density polyethylene

LDPE has a small amount of carbonyl and ether bonds.

3. Density comparison

HDPE=0.93-0.97 g/cm3 , LLDPE=0.92-0.935 g/cm3, LDPE=0.91-0.93 g/cm3

4. Tensile strength (MPa)

HDPE=21-40, LLDPE=15-25, LDPE=7-15

5. Elongation at break

HDPE>500%, LLDPE>800%, LDPE>650%

6. Use the highest temperature (Celsius °C)

HDPE=110-130, LLDPE=90-105, LDPE=80-95

7. Crystallization temperature (°C)

HDPE=126-136, LLDPE=120-125, LDPE=108-125

8. Resistance to environmental stress cracking

HDPE is poor, LLDPE is good, and LDPE is somewhere in between.

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