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1. Bamboo and wooden structure greenhouse, also known as simple greenhouse, has low construction cost and short service life. It can generally be used for 2-3 years.

Greenhouse setup method

2. Steel structure greenhouse is the most widely used greenhouse, which is connected by processed steel pipes and fittings. The construction cost is higher and the service life is longer. It is the main promotion method at present.

3. The construction of the greenhouse depends on the plot. Generally, the greenhouse can go north-south, or east-west. The length is not limited, the width is generally 8-22 meters. In the sunlight greenhouse, there should be a back wall and east-west direction.Greenhouse setup method

4. In the sunlight greenhouse, it is generally necessary to build walls first, east-west direction, wide 8-12 meters, 60-100 meters long and 3-4 meters high. The steel frame structure is reinstalled, then the rear slope is made with cement plate or other material, and then covered with the plastic film, fixed with the lamination line. In autumn and winter, the heat preservation quilt should be covered again, and the rolling curtain machine is installed.

5. The general large and medium arch greenhouse, according to the length and width of the plot, the arch is installed first, then the plastic film is covered, fixed with the lamination line or the lamination groove, and the film on the bottom is pressed well with soil.

6. According to the production season, the location of the tuyere is selected and placed in the greenhouse. Generally, the tuyere is placed in the front of the greenhouse in the daylight greenhouse, which is mainly in the spring and autumn season. Generally, the tuyere is placed in the position of 1.2-1.5 meters high in front of the spring and autumn season. Large and medium arch greenhouse usually place tuyeres on both sides of the shed, and the multi-span greenhouse generally select the top and sides of the greenhouse to place tuyere.Greenhouse setup method

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