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Henan Yinfeng Plastic Co. Ltd is the famous plastic films manufacturer, we can produce PE film, EVA films, PO films and others. We began to cooperate with American Exxon Mobil Company, American Dow Chemical Company, Nippon Paint etc famous companies. Now we have three brand: Yinfeng, Topsoon, Huafeng.

Our plastic products are applied in many industries, such as agricultural greenhouses, agricultural mulch, construction, aquaculture, industry, supermarket, household and others.

In which, greenhouse films are suitable for crops, vegetables, flowers, poultry and others.


Width: 0.5-20m
Thickness: 30-200 micron
Function: UV, non-dripping, anti-fog, MLLDPE enhancing film, EVA, PO and others.

Our greenhouse films products are produced on roll, the length per roll depend on customers’ requirement. The packaging methods can be paper, plastic bags or others.

If you have any question, you can directly leave your message on the following form or directly send email to gaom@infunplastic.com.

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