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Ground mulching of fruit trees is widely popularized tillage technology in arid regions of the world. It can not only inhibit soil moisture evaporation, store water and conserve moisture, but also increase temperature and heat preservation, protect soil surface, improve soil physical properties and improve water use efficiency.

At present, the main measures of fruit tree surface coverage are plastic film mulching, straw mulching and sand mulching, among which plastic film mulching is the most widely used.

Plastic film type

Plastic film mulching can be divided into three types: common plastic mulch, non-woven mulch and horticultural mulch.

Ordinary plastic film is generally polyethylene film, generally divided into colorless polyethylene film and non-ferrous polyethylene film, black plastic film used in fruit tree production is more, its characteristics are low price, water conservation and moisture retention is good; non-woven film is new non-woven material, is currently recognized as degradable non-polluting material, non-woven film not only has good air permeability, heating. Horticultural floor cloth is a new covering material, which can effectively inhibit the growth of weeds, maintain soil moisture and reduce water evaporation.

Plastic mulch film for fruits:Plastic mulch film for fruitsPlastic mulch film for fruitsPlastic mulch film for fruitsPlastic mulch film for fruits

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