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EVA agricultural plastic film refers to agricultural film with VA content of more than 4%.

VA has the following contribution to the agricultural plastic film:

Thermal insulation: barrier 7-13 micron far infrared ray, heat preservation is better.

Flexibility: improve the feel and toughness of plastic film, and do not crisp at low temperature.

Transparency: reduce the haze of plastic film, improve the transmittance, promote photosynthesis, and bring the crops to maturity.

Dripping property: polar molecules, good compatibility with auxiliaries, prolonging the drip period, not damaging the leaves, and improving the transmittance.

EVA plastic film is made by three layers of coextrusion blow molding, which is based on high VA content of ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA) resin as the base raw material, adding a proper amount of dripping agent, fogging agent and aging additive.

eva plastic film advantages:

1. High transmittance, strong photosynthesis, fast heating, high yield and early maturity, can significantly improve fruit luster.

2. The heat preservation effect is good. The night temperature in winter is 3-5℃ higher than that of ordinary polyethylene film, which is comparable with that of PVC film.

3. according to the different thickness, the droplet antifogging effect can be more than 3-6 months, which can effectively reduce the pests and diseases in the shed.

4. Good anti aging effect. The film can be used continuously for 12-18 months.

5. The three layer composite structure has good flexibility, high tensile strength and right angle tear strength.

Henan Yinfeng can produce 2–12M width, 0.06mm–0.12mm thickness EVA plastic films.

Three-layer Anti-drip Anti-fog EVA Greenhouse Film: http://www.pe-film-china.com/product/three-layer-anti-drip-anti-fog-eva-greenhouse-film.html

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