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Red Mulch Film for Tomato StrawberryRed plastic mulch is similar to black plastic mulch in that it warms the soil, prevents erosion, and retains moisture. It’s thinner than other plastic films, allowing more light (and sometimes weeds) through.

Red film stimulates crop growth more than black film. Plants use more energy for photosynthesis in the above ground part. Red plastic film can transmit red light, while blocking other color light transmission which is not conducive to crop growth, so that crops grow vigorously.

Red mulch covers for planting tomato benefit:
Red mulch covers suppresses root nematode damage to tomatoes, because the light reflection keeps more of the plant’s growth above ground. The plant’s energy goes into developing fruit and foliage, rather than roots. Nematodes feed on roots. The far-red light reflection to the above-ground plant draws away nutrients from the roots – and nutrients away from the nematodes. Fewer roots mean less food for nematodes.

Advantages of red plastic mulch
– Bigger tomatoes;
– More tomatoes;
– Warms the soil;
– Retains moisture;

More red mulch film information: http://www.pe-film-china.com/product/red-mulch-film-for-tomato-strawberry.html

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