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The disposable car covers are made of polyethylene plastic material (LLDPE). Mainly used to prevent dust, pollution, rain, snow and frost. Convenient to carry, mostly used for vehicle storage, open storage, and vehicle storage in highly polluting environments, etc.

Plastic car covers:

Color: clear, white, blue, also custom
Packaging: OPP bag
Material: PE / LDPE, rubber band

Product Features:
1. It can effectively block dust from entering the interior space of the car and the interior of the car machine.
2. It can protect the surface of the car from being rubbed by sharp objects.
3. The soft material will not cause friction damage to the car paint due to the movement of the car clothes.

Suitable for 4S shop exhibition and sales, used car sales, vehicle transportation, low cost, high return.disposable car covers

Do car covers protect from rain?

When it is windy, the car is covered with a disposable car cover, which can effectively prevent the sundries mixed in the wind from damaging the body; when it is raining or snowing, due to the water resistance of the plastic, it can completely block the rain damage to the car body and protect the body, make your car brand new as it is.

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