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Disposable plastic mattress coversWhen we buy the mattress, the mattress is basically wrapped in plastic film, so when we move, we can choose to pack it with plastic film to prevent the mattress from getting dirty. Choose cheap plastic mattress bags, which are dust-proof, waterproof and moisture-proof, and better protect the mattress.

When we abandon the old mattress, we can also choose the disposable plastic mattress cover, which not only protects the mattress, but also saves costs.

How to use disposable plastic mattress covers?

1. Stand with the mattress upright and wrap the mattress with mattress bag from the entrance.

2. Turn the mattress over and stretch the mattress bag. Then seal it with packing tape to prevent dust and moisture from entering the mattress bag.

3. Tie the two sides of the mattress bag with packing ropes. When moving, it is convenient to hold the ropes with your hands for moving.

Henan Yinfeng Plastic are plastic film manufacturer in China, we can also accept custom according to customers’ requirement.

Our mattress bags specification:
Width: 40 – 550 cm
Thickness: without printing logo 0.02mm – 0.2mm; printing logo 0.03mm – 0.2mm

Commonly used mattress size and mattress bag size in Europe and America:


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