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Multi-span film greenhouse is multi-span made based on single arch shed, which is generally divided into simple multi-span arch greenhouse and high-matched multi-span arch greenhouse. At present, multi-span film greenhouse is mainly used in breeding and seedling, flower production, aquaculture, medicinal materials, edible fungi cultivation and other production greenhouses.

1. simple multi span film greenhousesimple multi span film greenhouse

Application: spring and autumn high value vegetables, flowers, herbs, edible fungi and so on.

Configuration: Its skeleton adopts hot-dip galvanized rectangular or circular tubes, with a trench at the top and ventilation window, which is the same as the basic structure of the arch shed.

Advantages: large internal space, suitable for large-scale and factory operation, and high land utilization rate.

2. high configuration multi-span film greenhousehigh configuration multi-span film greenhouse

Application: stereo cultivation, flower culture, aquaculture, seedling breeding, scientific research and so on.

Specification: High-matching multi-span film greenhouse is an upgraded version of simple multi-span greenhouse, which adds internal and external shading, damp curtain fan cooling, side-turning window ventilation, warming and insulation systems.

Advantages: It overcomes the problems of summer cooling and winter heat preservation, especially adding double-layer film, it can effectively improve the heat preservation effect of greenhouse in winter and reduce the operation cost in winter.

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