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Underground Pipe Marking TapeUnderground Pipe Marking Tape is used to prevent digging accidents which can lead to injury and interruption of service.

Buried pipe marking tape specification:
Color: yellow, green, red, purple, white, orange, blue
Thickness: 1.5 mil, 2 mil, 3mil, also custom
Width: 2″, 3″, 6″
Length: available in 100m, 200m, 300m, 500m upon request

Pipe marking tapes or underground warning tapes provide an early warning and detectable signal to help identify the location of underground pipelines. The tape is coloured and labeled according to the pipeline contents. Pipe marking tape is laid at half-depth above the pipes for underground services, to allow for any machine operators to discover the tape before damaged is caused to the pipe.Underground Pipe Marking Tape

Pipe Marking Tape Applications:

– Water pipe marking tape
– Recycled water pipe marking tape
– Potable water pipe marking tape
– Gas pipe marking tape
– Sewer pipe marking tape
– Electricity pipe marking tape
– Storm-water pipe marking tape
– Communications pipe marking tape
– Fire mains pipe marking tapeUnderground Pipe Marking Tape

Henan Yinfeng Plastic has manufactured high quality caution tapes for the construction, factory, pipe construction, environmental health and safety, road marking, and other industries for over 15 years.
The company’s cleanroom manufacturing facility assures particle-free and residue-free adhesive tapes and labels that meet the stringent requirements of critical environments. Henan Yinfeng is able to provide custom solutions for its customers.
The company’s compliant products are manufactured per ISO9001 certification and OSHA standards to meet the most stringent anti-static, particle-free, and high purity specifications.

Custom specification
When a custom solution is required, Henan Yinfeng team of engineers can design marking tape pictures according to customers’ requirement, until customers are satisfied. And our company begin to produce in large scale.

If you have any requirement, please send me E-mail by gaom@infunplastic.com, we will reply you in 24 hours. Thank you.

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