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Black mulchBlack mulch

Black mulch film is made of polyethylene as the main raw material, added with antioxidants, ultraviolet absorbers, black masterbatch, and produced by plastic film blowing machine for agricultural coverage.

Material: Polyethylene
Width: 0.5 m to 4 m
Thickness: 0.006 to 0.08 mm
Weight: 5 kg, 10 kg or customized.

The light transmittance is only 10%, and the light transmittance is poor. It can play a role in suppressing weeds. It can be used in areas with many weeds and save the cost of weeding.

Because of the opacity, the underground temperature increase small, so it plays a role in suppressing the increase in ground temperature. The use of black film has a good effect in the severe weeds or high-temperature seasons cultivate summer radishes, cabbage, spinach, autumn cucumbers, and late tomatoes. It is especially suitable for high-temperature cultivation in summer and autumn, which can create good growth and development environment for the root system of crops, increase production. At present, the cultivation of strawberry in greenhouses has been widely promoted by black film mulching, which not only has the obvious effect of promoting the return of strawberry to seedling and growth, but also makes the strawberry fruit not contact the soil and improves the product quality.

The black mulch covers the soil to keep the soil temperature changing smoothly, and the organic matter is in a normal circulation state. Moreover, the soil covered with black plastic film has moderate soil moisture and less water loss. The black mulch is slow to heat up, and is difficult to degrade, which has a certain impact on the environment.

Black plastic film is suitable for some crops with low soil temperature, especially in summer. The use of other crops that are not suitable will inhibit their growth.

Red mulchRed mulch for tomato

The red mulch can stimulate the growth of crops more than the black mulch film, and the plants will use more energy for the photosynthesis of the aerial parts. The red mulch can transmit red light, and at the same time can block the transmission of other colored light that is not conducive to the growth of crops, so that the crops grow vigorously.

The red agricultural film can meet the red light needs of rice, corn, leek, cucumber, carrot, beet, etc., can make rice seedlings grow vigorously, the sugar content of beet increases, the carrot grows larger, the leek leaves are thick and thick, and the harvest period is advanced, output increased.

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