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The purpose of the greenhouse is to protect plants or seedlings in a warm environment and not be affected by the cold weather outside. It is not only temperature, but also humidity, soil moisture and light, which can make plants grow more easily and prevent frostbite.

How to make a small greenhouse?

Plastic Greenhouse
Under the condition of narrow courtyard, a plastic greenhouse with about 2 meters length and 5 meters width can be built in front of the south level bungalow.
The making method: use bamboo slices with about 1cm thickness and 4cm width, and insert into bamboo slices ay from 50cm from each other, tightly covered plastic film. Daytime sunlight exposure, humidity can up to about 25℃, in the night cover the paper to preserve heat (on both sides use waste cement bag or kraft paper, the middle add 7 layers of waste newspaper), use the rope to frap the bottom bamboo slices, in order to prevent the wind blow over. This plastic shed does not add fire, the temperature can be kept not less than 0℃, and the minimum temperature in winter may not be lower than 0℃, such as rose, pomegranate, fig, oleander, citrink, peony, and osmanthus. If you want to place medium warm flowers, you can install a chimney stove from late October to early April. The temperature can be kept below 10℃.

Small Plastic Greenhouse

1. open the outer package and take out the kit.

2. the bracket is opened in parallel in turn and inserted into the soil.

Mini Garden Greenhouse Film With Framework

3. cover film, circumjacent covering soil.

Mini Garden Greenhouse Film With FrameworkMini Garden Greenhouse Film With Framework

More information about small greenhouse film with frameworkhttp://www.pe-film-china.com/product/mini-garden-greenhouse-film-with-framework.html

The following points should be paid attention to in the conservation of flowers in a small greenhouse:
1. In winter, use water for watering flowers in small greenhouses, in indoor water for day and night must be stored.

2. rinse the dirt or soil outside the plastic film with water to make the flowers light up.

3. sprinkle some water on the ground to increase air humidity.

4. Because of the high humidity in the room, the watering times should be properly controlled. When watering, it is necessary to slightly dry.

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