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PE moisture-proof polyfilm is a commonly used waterproof material for buildings, mainly used for roof waterproofing and curtain wall waterproofing.

The thickness is uniform and precise, the flatness is flat, the surface is smooth, no bubbles, less crystal points, less water lines, high utilization rate, and no stains.

Polyfilm moisture barrier application:

Daily necessities: umbrellas, raincoats, suit jackets, eye masks, various tablecloths, shower caps, shower curtains, water bags, ice packs, etc.

Hygiene products: medical surgical gowns, special packaging for medical treatment and medicinal materials, and food packaging, etc.

Packaging supplies: computer and electrical appliance dust cover, cosmetic soft packaging, shopping bag, gift bag, file folder, file bag, etc.

Fashion packaging: handbags, cosmetic bags, high-end stationery, eco-friendly saliva shoulders, wardrobes, fishing bags, luggage, etc.

The improvement of PE moisture-proof film to the building:

1. PE moisture-proof film is laid outside the thermal insulation layer to wrap the entire building, thereby reducing air leakage and convective heat loss, and effectively enhancing the air tightness of the building.

2. PE moisture barrier poly film has excellent waterproof performance, tightly covered, and protects the building from the erosion of moisture and rain. Effectively ensure the insulation effect and durability of the building, making the building more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

3. PE moisture-proof pe film is installed outside the insulation layer, which can ensure the effective discharge of water vapor in the enclosure structure, reduce the risk of roof condensation, solve the problem of condensation and moisture prevention, and protect the insulation layer.

4. PE moisture-proof film is laid on the water strip, the needle eye is at the highest point, and the rainwater flows down along the water strip and drains freely, and the waterproof is more guaranteed.

5. PE moisture barrier plastic film protects the thermal insulation layer. There is no need to make fine stone concrete or coated waterproof material on the thermal insulation layer, which can reduce the project cost.6 mil polyfilm moisture barrier

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